Amy Farrier (left), Marsha Riti (right) and I (the middle of the Girllustrator muscle sandwich), celebrated Marsha’s fantabulously exciting news: she has signed with an agent at Prospect Agency! Hooray, Marsha! It’s no wonder Marsha got signed, since she has the biggest muscle of the three of us! (Does anyone else suspect that she is pushing it up from behind?)

Marsha’s new picture book The Picky Little Witch will be released in August. And on October 15th, just in time for Halloween, she’s going to have what is certain to be an amazing launch party in Austin for the book. I better start working on my witch costume! For more details on the launch, check here.

So why are we flexing in this photo, you might ask? Well, being in this group of mighty women illustrators reminded brand new Girllustrator Emma Virjan of Rosie the Riveter, so we decided to play off of that great moment in girl power for our upcoming blog. Obviously, we’ve all got the right amount of enthusiasm, but do we have the muscles? At least one of us (me) needs to hit the gym before the real Girllustrators photo shoot. I’ll keep you posted! It’s gonna be great!

Goooooo Girrrrrllustrators!